M.Ed Facilities

College Premises and Facilities

SHREE SHANKAR COLLEGE OF EDUCATION occupies a college building as per the NCTE and North University norms in Manund. This modern building has first class educational facilities on site, including well equipped lecture rooms with overhead projectoers, slide projectors, computers. The college also has a facility of computer laboratory, Library, Science laboratory, Psychology laboratory and Girls room.

1. Administrative Office

  • We have well equippped administrative office with facilities like : steel storwell, counter, wooden chair, plastic , wall clock, telephone, tube light, wall piece, slogan board, leg wiper, dustbin, etc.

2. Staff Room

  • We have well equipped teaching staff room for 11 teaching staff with facilities like Super wooden Table, wooden chair, Plastic Chair, Wall clock, Ceiling Fan, Tube Light, Slogan Board , leg Wiper,dustbin , etc.

3. Multi- Purpose Hall

  • We have one multi-purpose hall consisting of facilities for 120 nos. of students. With all Facilities like Woonden board with green glass, wooden Chair, Table, Wooden lecture, amply tube lights etc..

4. Class Room

  • We have 18 class rooms with enough air ventilation and all the necessary facilities like Board with green glass, chair, table, wooden student bench, tube light, slogan boards, etc.

5. Store Room

  • Physical Education : The college is also emphasizing on physical education along with regular education. The college carried many equipments for physical educaion and exrcise like lesson, bends, cricket kits, discs, javelins stir (lathi), vally ball – kits.
  • Music and Drawing : The college is also expecting students to learn Indian Heritage i.e. music and keeping this in mind, the college has managed musical instruments like key board 26 harmonium, tabala, dholak, manjira, khanjari and drawing aids like elem intermediate charts, drawing pads, geometrical apparatus, tool kits to draw painting/drawing.

6. Library and Reading Room

  • The college is having huge and spacious library with furniture like plastic chairs , Wooden Counter, wooden/steel cupboards , wooden /steel big tables, periodical stands, newspaper stands, sufficient ceiling fans, dustbin, leg wiper, wall piece, cotton sheet , magazine and more than 3000 books for reference, course related many journals and daily news papers. Following is a brief list of Journals , periodicals and news paper in the library :

7. Science Laboratory :

  • Our science laboratory is equipped with green glass boards,Class table (wooden/Steel)steel (wooden/steel/plastic), adequate equipments and chemical for practical, cupboard,charts,fan, tube light,adequate raw material for practicals,leg wiper,wooden table, dustbin,and other equipments to carry out science experiments.

8. Computer Laboratory :

  • The college is having Computer laboratory facility with more than 25 systems connected with LAN and with rest necessary hardware and furniture, boards, ink jet and laser printer, colour scanner , 10 big wooden computer tables, 30 Stools chairs, exhust fan, tube lights, wall clock, dust bin, leg wiper, Internet connection.

9. Educational psychologh Laboratory :

  • The lab has furniture like wooden/steel tables, wooden/steel/plastic chairs,ceiling fan,screen,wooden cupboards, wooden board with green glass, and dustbin.