Shree Shankar Institute of Education College came into being in 2003 with the mission of providing quality education in various disciplines like Computers, Information Technology, Commerce. It is situated near Manund Palasar Highway away from the hustle and bustle of the city, thereby providing a peaceful and ideal environment for education.Shree Shankar Institute of Education is affiliated to North Gujarat University, managed by Shree Shankar Institute of Education . The trust believes in multi-dimensional development of students which will make them able to serve the nation with their versatile qualities. In a short period of time the college aims to reach every nook and corner and wants to remove the darkness of ignorance. For this it has given a technical fight by bringing computer education through B.ED programme. For making the society self reliant and healthy , it is trying to provide with sculptors of education through it M.ED programme. The trust believes that progress of nation is only when the resources and finances are optimally utilized. This is possible only when the students are well versed with economics and finances. Thus, within a small span the college is trying to grow in every sphere of academy. The teaching staff is highly qualified in their respective domains. It is a matter of pride. that the college has become self sufficient and is in a position to cater all the basic facilities adequately. Establishing and running a college in Patan, where it is a monopoly of limited groups, the trust and management deserves. applaud. in future, the college sees itself to be recognized as a premier institute and center of excellence in all the fields of education.